How To Style Denim With Tan Accessories

Good morning everyone and happy weekend. Today’s post is on styling blue denim with tan accessories. It is one of my favourite colour combinations. So I thought I would show you all one way I style these two colours together. So take a scroll down and have a look!


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Right so let’s begin with the outfit, first up I am wearing my Agolde ripped jeans. These can easily be styled up or down depending on what look you are going for. Here I have gone for a little dressed up outfit ideal for a brunch. I styled the jeans with this striped Zara over sized shirt. They work rather well together, I adore the blue on blue look. Next and onto the accessories, first I put on my tan H&M belt, then I grabbed my Oleada bag. As for my shoes I went for my white Topshop sandals and finished the outfit with my white Illesteva sunglasses.


Here are a few ripped denim jeans, like I mentioned earlier you can easily style them up or down. These jeans range from high street to high end.





I have curated a number of blue shirts, again they range from your high street to high end. Do let me know which pieces you like!





A tan bag is a must-have in ones wardrobe in my opinion, tan & camel tones are considered neutrals. Therefore they can work with so many different outfits.




A belt can tie in an outfit effortlessly, I find they tend to elevate an outfit. Take a look at a few belts that I have curated for you all.  Do you like skinny belts or wide ones?



Do you like wearing blue denim and tan together? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Shirt: ZARA Similar

Sunglasses: ILLESTEVA Similar

Sandals: TOPSHOP Similar

Belt: H&M Similar




  1. March 6, 2022 / 8:15 am

    I love to add tan to my outfits. Its such a sophisticated colour!

  2. March 6, 2022 / 6:16 pm

    I think denim and tan are just made for each other! xxx

  3. March 6, 2022 / 7:20 pm

    I love this outfit so much and I can’t wait to weat something similar once the Spring time finally arrives to Spain. I love the jeans and they’re always perfect with a blue shirt.

  4. March 7, 2022 / 1:55 am

    Absolutely love this look! Rather simple but still stylish!! I literally JUST bought a tan bag yesterday and it’s so cute! I got it for like 9 bucks at Target, it was marked down and I’m so glad I decided to take it 🙂

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  5. March 7, 2022 / 4:58 am

    Oh, my goodness! You make even ripped jeans look dressy! Love this outfit with the blue and tan!!

  6. March 7, 2022 / 9:54 am

    I´m so in love with this color combination. Nothing beats light blue and cognac. You look adorable and I can´t wait for spring and warmer temperatures now. Have a fantastic new week beauty, love x S.Mirli

  7. March 7, 2022 / 11:27 am

    What a perfect look! Denim and a shirt are always such a great combo,
    have a great week,


  8. March 7, 2022 / 12:58 pm

    I loved the look, it was beautiful.

  9. March 7, 2022 / 1:08 pm

    I loved the tan touch on this style, you look beautiful Lovely!

  10. March 7, 2022 / 1:21 pm

    Tan goes so perfectly with denim!

    Happy Monday!

  11. March 7, 2022 / 2:11 pm

    This is such a beautiful color on you! Your outfit is perfect for spring!

  12. March 7, 2022 / 2:55 pm

    You are giving me some serious inspiration with this outfit! I’ve been working hard to create a new look every day in March because I’ve really let fashion take a backseat over the past couple of years. So glad I saw this!

  13. March 7, 2022 / 8:02 pm

    This is such a fun and playful look… and you look absolutely stunning in this shade of blue!

  14. March 7, 2022 / 9:41 pm

    Those relaxed jeans look so good on you and I love the tan accessories with them!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂

  15. March 7, 2022 / 9:47 pm

    You wear this so well! Your tan accessories are the perfect way to elevate a simple look.

  16. March 7, 2022 / 10:59 pm

    The tan colour bag and belt are a perfect choice to go with the denim. The look is casual yet sophisticated. Love it

  17. March 7, 2022 / 11:54 pm

    Tan and denim are that perfect ‘cowgirl’ combination to me, although I tend to do more of a caramel than a lighter tan.

  18. March 8, 2022 / 1:18 am

    Beautiful choices. Denim and tan are always classic! Love your look!

  19. March 8, 2022 / 2:33 am

    Oooo this is such a cute outfit – you make ripped jeans look elegant! I’m a big fan of tan accessories; they go with almost anything x

    mia //

  20. March 8, 2022 / 3:48 am

    Love the look. Such a classic color combination — those jeans are fab, by the way.

  21. March 8, 2022 / 6:56 am

    You look fab. I don’t wear much denim but if I do it’s always with aged tan leather and suede, black looks far too ’80s! xxx

  22. March 8, 2022 / 7:11 am

    Un outfit muy casual chic, me encanto, saludos:D

  23. March 8, 2022 / 7:56 am

    Woww love your jeans ❤️❤️

  24. March 8, 2022 / 10:10 am

    I do love tan and camel tones! Your styling is on point with the oversized shirt and ripped jeans!

    xo Yvonne

  25. March 9, 2022 / 12:42 am

    I’m a huge fan of this colour combo, and of course, you look fab as always:)

  26. Camdandusler
    March 9, 2022 / 11:25 am

    Nice outfits style:)

  27. March 9, 2022 / 12:52 pm

    Denim and tan is such a timeless look! You look lovely.

    Corinne x

  28. March 9, 2022 / 7:29 pm

    Spring is coming and this look is just perfect

  29. March 10, 2022 / 1:39 pm

    Such a gorgeous combo!!!

  30. March 10, 2022 / 6:44 pm

    This is definitely what I live in most of the time. I LOVE denim and brown together.

  31. March 10, 2022 / 8:13 pm

    I love blue color! You look fantastic und that bag is beautiful!

  32. March 10, 2022 / 11:49 pm

    Beautiful choices.
    Tan and denim are perfect.

  33. March 11, 2022 / 3:19 pm

    I wear jeans daily but I don’t think I look as snazzy as you do! lovely photos!!

  34. March 11, 2022 / 8:30 pm

    Denim and tan are such a classic combo!

    Danielle |

  35. March 12, 2022 / 3:09 am

    You look amazing! Love the way you styled your outfit!

  36. March 12, 2022 / 2:57 pm

    I love denim and tan styled together! Those jeans look amazing on you!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  37. March 13, 2022 / 6:41 am

    I love the combination of shirt and jeans. 🙂

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  38. March 13, 2022 / 8:48 am

    I like that you always compose your outfits with the proposals from stores 🙂

  39. March 14, 2022 / 2:11 am

    I love tan accessories! Particularly shoes and bags! This is such a chic look!

    Eileen |

  40. March 14, 2022 / 1:52 pm

    Love those Agolde jeans on you1 I do need to try those on this season as I think they look great and I love their styles. The shirt is such a pretty blue and I love the detail of the puff slevves. Tan accessories really compliment it!
    jess xx
    Have a great week Lovely!

  41. March 26, 2022 / 4:34 pm

    I think this is my favorite way to style light colored denim – with brown and white. Looks great together!

  42. March 29, 2022 / 8:49 pm

    Elisabetta Franchi’s Spring 2022 collection was about denim and tanned accessories. Your look makes me think of that. Wonderful combo for sure. Love the belt and the bag. Such a classic bag really adds elegance to a denim look. I think denim looks amazing paired with brown, caramel and tanned accessories. Brown and blue is a lovely combo.

  43. March 31, 2022 / 1:44 pm

    Denim and tan as a combo are just timeless! Love the outfit, Lovely x

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