Lace-Up Espadrilles


I love wearing espadrilles and always have, I am pretty sure that I will continue to love them. It is one of my Spring/Summer staple pieces, which I tend to wear year after year. Espadrilles are undoubtedly the hallmark of beach season, you know you’re off on vacation as soon as the espadrilles come out. This time they’re so much more than your basic ones. The summer staple piece is completely fresh with embroidered details, platforms, bows, pompoms, and ankle tassel ties!

They go with everything from summer dresses, crop trousers to denim cut-offs, and add a laid back appeal to whatever outfit you wear them with. I tend to team my wedge heeled ones with my flares on a daily basis during Spring/Summer as they are very comfortable and easy to do the school run in. During the warmer months when I am ready to show my legs off I style them with my dresses, dress shirts, shorts and skirts too. They always give me that summer vacation vibe and at the same time look very put together. I of course prefer the lace up espadrilles as they give you that extra edginess and the look of a ballerina’s leg in my opinion!

The options are ridiculously good and you don’t need to spend much on them, there are a whole variety of espadrilles on the high street which are priced reasonably. Although I do love the divine Altuzarra, Gucci and Mui Mui ones! You have to be quick off the mark when it come to buying them as they get sold out very quickly. I tend to buy mine out of season that way I’m not frantically trying to find a pair online, although there have been a number of occasions where I have been caught out as I thought there would be plenty to purchase in June/July. How wrong was I…. there might be some left but not in my size! I am a size 5/6 the most common size so they tend to go straight away.

My First pair of lace-up espadrilles were bought from Kurt Geiger, I had them for about two years until they were worn within an inch of life…. The next pair I bought was from Soludos @Net-A-Porter because Kurt Geiger had sold out of the black espadrilles I was looking for and I stumbled across these. They look exactly the same as the Kurt Geiger ones! The Soludos pair were slightly cheaper at Net-A-Porter too. My most recent purchase of the same lace-up espadrilles was from Castaner @Net-A-Porter, the Carina canvas wedge. Net-A-Porter do not stock the Soludos ones anymore and I came across the Castaner ones, again these were priced slightly cheaper than the Kurt Geiger ones. These are the ones on the far left in the picture above. I find that these espadrilles from all three brands look exactly the same and have the same heel size too.

So if you find your self in a situation where you can’t find a pair in one brand, why not try the other two. Although saying that, I wanted a pair of white Castaner Carina canvas wedge espadrilles and could not seem to find them anywhere as they have all sold out. I have tried looking at all the different websites that sell Castaner, Soludos and Kurt Geiger and to no avail. So I will have to do without them for now and wait till they come back in stock.

I also have a pair from Zara, these are the ones in the middle of the picture above. These are slightly taller in heel size and with a X lace-up, I find these to be my going out shoes, as they are that much higher than the other ones. Its not so easy to walk in them specially if your in a rush like me when doing the school runs. The Soludos and Castaner ones I can wear on a daily basis.

The Ego Official lace-up mules are not espadrilles but I though I would include them as they have the lace-ups. These are super comfortable and easy to style with, from a floaty dress to cut off denims for an everyday ensemble. The Straps at the front is a nod to the Mui Mui mules and ballet pumps, at a fraction of the cost these are super stylish and fun!









Thank you for reading.

Please do let me know which espadrilles you have bought or are thinking of buying, let me know by leaving a comment below.


Espadrilles: Castener @Net-A-Porter

Espadrilles: Zara similar (here)

Mules: Ego Officials



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