Pencil Skirt and Bomber Jacket

The pencil skirt in my opinion is not a trend its a classic staple piece of garment that can be worn year after year. This season making a big statement at Milan, the Fifties wardrobe staple went global with Balenciaga, Hermès, and Off-White to name a few. All basing their collections around the pencil skirt with modern revisons.

How to wear it now? There are of course a number of ways to style it. One of the boldest way to wear the pencil skirt now would be Sheer as seen at Victoria Beckham. Therefore revealing a pair of Fifties-style briefs underneath. If this sounds a bit daunting for you don’t worry I have styled mine in a more practical manner for an everyday look. Although I am very tempted to try this sheer pencil skirt look. Come summer you will for sure see me tackling this look either here in London or on vacation.


Pencil skirt Lovely Amusan


How gorgeous would a sheer pastel coloured pencil skirt paired with a bathing suit beneath look? Specially for a spot of lunch at a nearby beach side restaurant with cropped jacket and a floppy style hat and sunglasses. Finishing the look with a pair of lace-up espadrilles. Oh yes I can just visualise it now! I’m getting a little carried away now thinking about the summer. I guess its been so dull and dreary for the past month or so that I cannot wait for some sunshine and warmth.

Like I said earlier the pencil skirt is a timeless style. Trends and fads will come and go but the classics always have our hearts. A skirt that is truly flattering on most body types. Which is also great for the office, heading to parties, or for more formal gatherings as well as a casual edgy look too. Not to mention how swiftly it polishes up a look, regardless of what you decide to pair with it. Its hard to go wrong with a slim fitting pencil skirt, whether it be during the colder months or for the warmer months. We should all own at least one in our wardrobe in black to give us that polished, structured and sophisticated style.

Now to my current ensemble at hand, this black high-waisted pencil skirt is from Karen Millen. I purchased it last year around this time and it is so easy to style whether I want it to wear it for an everyday look or be it for a rather formal occasion. It comes in this stretchy material so giving me that excess room should I need it. It has a zip fastening in the back and I absolutely adore how easy it is to put an ensemble together with this being my staple piece!

A pencil skirt is versatile and flexible and can be paired successfully with almost any type of top. Here I have gone for a simple slogan T-Shirt from Zara. Its your basic oversized Tee and I was going for the casual everyday look here. This gives the look some edge which I always want and strive for in my outfits. Although there are times they may not come to fruition as what I envisaged may not work once I have the items of clothing on. Thats fine I can then just modify what works and change what doesn’t. Its all about me feeling good about myself in what I’m wearing! I tucked the Tee in the front to showcase my waist a little.

On to my jacket, this black bomber is from Zara too. As it was a little chilly I decided to through this on my shoulders. I love how the zip details on the jacket add to the dimension of the look. It ties in wonderfully with the gold zip on my pencil skirt.

As for the shoes I opted for my black Dune ankle boots with laces. You all know by now how much I adore laces. So it was straight forward when it came to picking a pair of black boots to go with my look.

Next I grabbed my black quilted clutch bag which also from Karen Millen. A cute little clutch which happens to be big enough to fit my everyday essentials. What more could I ask for!

To add some more white into the look, I picked up my white oval sunglasses. These are from River Island and of course they are just awesome and edgy, even if I do say so myself. Another reason for wearing them is its rather windy. I may look all poised and happy in the pictures, but if it were not for those sunglasses you would see tears streaming down my face. Its was really windy and the sunglasses helped immensely by shielding the wind. Fashionable and functional at keeping my tears at bay!

I personally don’t need a reason to wear sunglasses I just adore them and would wear them every chance I get. They really can change the look of an outfit depending on the style you go for. Another reason you will find me wearing sunglasses all year round!

To finish of my look I pulled my hair back in a low ponytail and opted to wear my Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick in the colour Adrienne. I am really enjoying wearing this nude lipstick. Its become my everyday go-to nude lipstick. Keeps my lips hydrated and moisturised when it can be prone to being chapped and dry at this time of year.


Pencil skirt Lovely Amusan

Pencil skirt Lovely Amusan


Thank you for stopping by to read my fashion blog. What do you think of the pencil skirt? Do you own any or are you thinking of buying any? Are you bold enough to try out the sheer style? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please do let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.



Pencil Skirt: Karen Millen similar here (@Karen Millen)

T-Shirt: Zara similar here (@HouseofFraser)

Bomber Jacket: Zara similar here (@Asos)

Ankle Boots: Dune

Clutch Bag: Karen Millen similar here(@Boohoo)

Sunglasses: River Island similar here (@Net-A-Porter)

Lipctick: Chanel Coco Rouge Adrienne



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  1. January 25, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    So chic outfit!
    Have a nice end of the week!
    Gil Zetbase

    • Lovely
      January 26, 2018 / 10:01 am

      Thank you Gil, hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Yours truly Lovely

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