Orange/Red Lipsticks


Here are a few of my favourite orange/red lipsticks, I mainly have MAC ones at the moment and will be adding a few more to it.

From left to right:

Russian Red by MAC: Love this for its blue undertone and the way it looks on my lips, a classic lip colour it is highly pigmented and once on it does not budge. The texture of this lipstick is very creamy and moisturising yet matte and the pigmentation is beautiful. I tend to wear this with the Cherry lipliner from MAC. It is such a pretty red and goes so well with my skin tone. I think this is one of those universal reds that will look great on anybody. If you are new to MAC lipsticks, I would definitely recommend this one to start with!

Ruby Woo by MAC: Oh Ruby Woo, where do I start! On the one hand the colour just looks so stunning on me it is incredibly flattering, lifting and brightening to my whole face. A Vibrant red that garners instant compliments from everybody. But on the other hand, the formula is notoriously dry, and I definitely feel it when I use this lipstick. I tend to use my Chanel Rouge Coco Baum to moisturise my lips beforehand and that helps. I wear my MAC Brick lipliner with it to intensify my lips. Overall an awesome colour just a shame that it can be a little dry, so make sure to apply primer or a baum beforehand. I would recommend you buying it, as it is such a gorgeous colour, hopefully they will change the formula a little so that it is not so dry.

Crimson Noir by Tom Ford: This is a gorgeous red, however, its not a deep dark red that I was expecting it to be. Although it has an incredibly smooth texture that glides on the lips almost effortlessly. One swipe is pigmented enough to wear on its own if you like the stain effect. I prefer two swipes to make it a full-on deep red that I am custom to wearing. The finish is satin, so there is a bit of gloss in there that keeps it from being a full-on matte. It does have some minor transfer issues, but nothing a slight blotting doesn’t solve. For those of you who like your reds dark in colour, you might be disappointed. Like I said to achieve that you will have to swipe two or three times. If you like the stain effect then this is just right for you!



RiRi Woo by MAC:  A dark, medium blue toned red which is very similar to Ruby Woo, however it does not tug or pull the lips during application like Ruby Woo can do. It applies like a dream and feels smooth and does not enhance the lines on my lips . One swipe is enough for a full coverage as it is intensely pigmented and you would need a makeup remover to wipe it off completely. Would highly recommend this as it not as matt and lip drying.

Lady Danger by MAC: This is an awesome bright coral-red colour in matte texture. It’s not very drying on the lips and has a slight sheen I find. It’s a real attention-grabber kind of neon bright dare-to-wear red lipstick that totally stands out and draws all the attention to the lips.  It is pigmented and goes on with one swipe, tends to transfer a little on objects. I tend to wear mine on holidays during the summer months, so it tends to come in use during the months of June – September. A statement lipstick to say the least!

Morange by MAC: The texture is really creamy and the pigmentation is so vibrant, no wonder the amplified finishes are very popular!  This is a very bright neon orange shade of lipstick with a very creamy texture and a natural finish. The lipstick is decently pigmented and goes opaque in a single swipe. It does transfer a little bit on objects however doesn’t really loose the colour intensity on the the lips. It can leave behind a stain of orange tint when it fades. It is a very unique shade, and not everyone will be able to pull it off, but it definitely makes a statement. Don’t be afraid of the colour, I would recommend you trying it out before buying.



What other red and orange lipsticks do you own? I would love to hear about them, so let me know?

Thanks for reading.


Russian Red: MAC

Ruby Woo: MAC

Crimson Noir: Tom Ford @selfridges

RiRi Woo: MAC

Lady Danger: MAC

Morange: MAC


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